Hi, I’m Maple Shipp.

I’m a creative director at Chiat\Day, working primarily to bring beauty to social feeds.

This is a monthly newsletter where I recommend ten things I’ve enjoyed that I hope you will also like. I also sometimes write essays. That’s the whole gist; it’s highly personal and highly New York-based.

Here are the essays and longer-form pieces I’ve written for this newsletter:

The Gaps

What ‘Work’ Means Now

Long Live the Tenderness of the Novice Effort

On Trying to Be Alone

The Walk (A short story. Admittedly, I don’t know if this format is for me, but I gave it a go and there it lives.)

Who am I?

I looked up a list of icebreaker questions and picked some at random to use in this section.

  1. Do you like to cook? I used to think I was very bad at cooking because I went on a long streak of implementing difficult dietary restrictions on myself — I’d try to make everything vegan, gluten-free, use cauliflower rice instead of normal ass rice, etc. But now, my relationship with food is much better and the taste of all my food is also much better because I use stuff like butter and fish sauce. So, yes. I love to cook and I specifically love to bake.

  2. What’s the last show you went to? As of the time of writing this, it was a jazz show at Smalls and it was perfect.

  3. What's the craziest thing you've ever done? Ask me to tell you about that one time in India when we get a drink together. It’s either that, or moving to New York with no money or job or apartment lined up (that was also the best thing I’ve ever done).

  4. Do you prefer texting, calling, or emailing? Email. Also, that icebreaker question is horrible and if I got asked it at a party out of the context of exchanging contact info I would be paralyzed with awkwardness! So here’s an additional one:

  5. Do you fold your pizza? This is a question I can really get behind and of course I do, I’m not a fool or living in Detroit (anymore!).

Feel free to reply to my newsletters at any time with your own suggestions, or just to say hello!

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